Cleaning Tips


For kitchens on a daily basis you should do dishes and put them away, wipe down counter tops and other surfaces, and sweep the floor. You should wipe clean the inside of your fridge about every two weeks.

Dining room:

Clear the table in the dining room and wipe down any sticky substances left on the table every day. Sweep or vacuum any food that may have fallen on the floor. Chairs should also be pushed under the table.


In bathrooms you should wipe up any soap or tooth paste you dropped on a daily basis. Every week you should clean mirrors and wash hand towels.

Living rooms:

Living rooms do not take much maintenance, every day any items on the floor should be picked up and put away, and papers on the tables should be neatly put into a pile and stored in their place.


In the bedroom you should do the same as in the living room. In addition you should also make the bed every day.

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